Adjusting a Closed Pay Period

Sometimes it may be required to make minor adjustments to a closed pay period after payroll has already been processed and the employees have already been paid. In order to allow for such cases, TimeTrex offers its "Post Adjustment" functionality where corrections can be made in previous pay periods and the adjusting dollar amounts can be automatically brought forward into the current pay period to be paid on the next transaction date.

Follow the procedure in the steps below:

  1. Set a pay period to the "Post Adjustment" state:
  1. Click Payroll, then click Pay Periods in the main menu.
  2. Select the specific closed pay period that you want to make adjustments to.
  3. Choose Edit in the button bar, change the Status to Post Adjustment, then click Save.

Once the pay period is in Post Adjustment state, it is essentially the same as it being open, so you can now proceed to make adjustments to employee timesheets for this particular pay period.

WARNING:   If you have made changes to any policies between the times that you originally generated employee pay stubs, and when you modified an employee's timesheet, the modified policies may affect your adjustments.


  1. Generate Pay Stub: (Only necessary if you are using TimeTrex to process payroll.)

Once you have made the necessary adjustments to the employees timesheet, while still on the employees timesheet screen:

  1. Click the more button then click on Generate Pay Stub to display the Generate Pay Stub Wizard.
  2. Click the to move to the next step.
  3. Select the Payroll Run Type to "Post-Adjustment Carry-Forward" and
  4. Set the Carry Forward Adjustments To a date within the current or next pay period that you wish to pay the employee for these adjustments. This date will be used as the effective date on the pay stub amendments.

When this mode is enabled, TimeTrex will determine the difference between each line item on the employee's existing pay stub that is already paid and the adjustments that you just made. Once you have completed all the steps in the wizard, TimeTrex will automatically create Pay Stub Amendments to reflect these adjustments for both positive and negative amounts,

  1. After clicking on the you will be taken to the Pay Stub Amendment list page to review the newly created amendments. In most cases you will want to delete non-earning pay stub amendments to avoid tax calculations being doubled.
  2. Proceed to each individual employee and repeat the above steps as necessary

In summary, what you did was modify the employee's timesheet in a previous pay period to reflect the proper hours, then TimeTrex created Pay Stub Amendments to adjust the employees pay stub appropriately in an upcoming pay period.


  1. Close the Pay Period:

Once you have finished making all your adjustments, it is important that you close the pay period again.

  1. Click Payroll, then click Pay Periods in the main menu.
  2. Select the specific pay period that you just finished making adjustments to.
  3. Choose Edit in the button bar, change the Status to CLOSED, then click Save in the button bar.

At this point, if you want to pay the employee immediately, or for out-of-cycle, continue on to Generating Bonus/Correction (Out-of-Cycle) Pay Stubs.