To view the employees' schedules:

1. Click Attendance in the menu bar and then click Schedules.
2. Just above the schedule listing, click the calendar icon and choose the Date that you want to display.
3. Click the Day, Week, Month, or Year buttons to change the listing display.
TimeTrex - Schedule Search Bar Buttons.png
4. Click the small icons to enable or disable Unscheduled Employees, Daily Totals, Weekly Totals, or Strict Range.
TimeTrex - Schedule Search Bar Icons.png
TimeTrex - Calendar icon.png Calendar - Used to select a date range of schedules to display.
TimeTrex - Show All Employees.png Unscheduled Employees - Show all employees that are not scheduled to work in the currently displayed time period.
TimeTrex - Show Daily Totals.png Daily Totals - Show daily totals for shifts worked, absences, hours worked and wages.
TimeTrex - Show Weekly Totals.png Weekly Totals - Show weekly totals for shifts worked, absences, hours worked and wages.
TimeTrex - Strict Date Range.png Strict Range - Show a strict date range.
5. Click on any cell in the table to see available options on the icon bar that can be performed on the employee's schedule.

See the Basic Operation section for details on viewing, adding, editing and deleting.


Schedule Tab
Employee Select one or more employee names and move them to the right column to assign them to the scheduled shift.
Status Select the status of the scheduled shift.
WorkingSelect this value if the employee will be scheduled to work this shift.
AbsentSelect this value if employee will be scheduled absent (not working) for this shift.
Absence PolicyWhen the shift status is Absent, this field will be displayed below allowing you to select an Absence Policy from the drop-down box.
Date Choose a date from the calendar. Use the Add.png and Minus.png buttons to add/remove multiple days, or use the Range tab for selecting a date range.
In Enter the shift's start time.
Out Enter the shift's end time.
Total This field is automatically calculated from the IN and OUT times.
Schedule Policy Choose a Schedule Policy.
Branch Select the branch from the drop-down box.
Department Select the department from the drop-down box.
Note Use this field for an optional note.