Policy Groups

You can use policy groups to apply specific policies to one or more employees. Later, you can reconfigure the application of these policies to new employees, or a different mix of employees. There is no limit to the number of policy groups that you may create and manage. However, you may only assign an employee to a single policy group at any given time.

For example, if you have employees who only work the night shift, and other employees who work only during the day shift, you could create two separate policy groups and define different policies (such as overtime or premium) for each distinct group. Another common policy group configuration is to designate employees who are exempt from overtime pay versus those employees who are not exempt from overtime.

WARNING:  Modifying policies or policy groups will only affect data that users add or modify after you commit the policy changes. To apply policy changes retroactively, you must recalculate employee timesheets by going to Attendance -> TimeSheet, then click on a punch cell to bring up the context menu and then click Recalculate TimeSheet icon.

See the Basic Operation section for details on viewing, adding, editing and deleting.