Punching In/Out

In addition to hardware devices (https://www.timetrex.com/hardware.php) that TimeTrex offers to help employees track their time, an employee can use the web interface if they have permission to do so.

It is important to understand that TimeTrex requires punches be recorded in pairs to capture a period of worked time for accurately paying an employee. IN punches represent time the employee is working or on the clock (receiving pay), and OUT punches represent time the employee is not working or off the clock (not receiving pay). For every IN punch there must be a corresponding OUT punch, otherwise an exception is triggered. For example, the first punch of each shift would be an IN punch. When an employee leaves work for a lunch break, they would punch OUT for lunch (the employees can think of this as “going to lunch”). Then when the employee returns, they punch IN from lunch. Finally, when the employee has finished their shift, they punch OUT.

Below is an example of what the punches may look like on the employee's timesheet:

Type Status Time
Normal In 8:00AM
Lunch Out 12:00PM
Lunch In 1:00PM
Normal Out 5:00PM

To punch in or out in the TimeTrex web interface, do the following:

  • Click Attendance in the menu bar, and then click In/Out in the icon bar.
  • An inset page will appear where you can edit information for the punch event. In most cases the default values will suffice.
  • The Time and Date correspond directly to the present system time; so it is not editable.
  • Check the box if this is a Transfer punch.
  • Choose the Punch Type: Normal, Lunch, or Break.
  • Choose whether this punch is IN or OUT.
  • Optionally, choose the Branch and Department.
  • After entering the information, click the Save icon to save your changes, or click the Cancel icon to discard the changes.

Punch Tab
Time Punch time (read-only)
Date Punch date (read-only)
Transfer Enables transfer punch functionality, allowing the employee to switch between a branch, department, job, or task in a single operation without having to punch out first, then punch back in again.
Punch Type Type of punch: Normal, Lunch or Break. By default Lunch/Break punches are not paid. However, with a Meal Policy or Break Policy, they can be partially or fully paid.
In/Out Status of punch: either IN or OUT.
Branch Branch that the punch time will be recorded against.
Department Department that the punch time will be recorded against.
Note Optional comments that can go on the employee's timesheet and are viewable by their supervisor.