By default, employees assigned to the Regular Employees permission group may view their own timesheet, but not make any changes. However, the Supervisor or higher permission levels may view and modify the timesheets for employees that they have access to.

To view/edit an employee's timesheet:

  • Click Attendance in the menu bar, and then click TimeSheet in the icon bar.
  • Just below the icon bar, choose the Date and Employee that you wish to view. The timesheet will appear, listing all the punches and absences for that week.
  • You can edit the punches on the timesheet by clicking the punch and then clicking Edit in the icon bar. From the same context menu, you can access the underlying Schedules, Employees, or Pay Periods.

Depending on the policies setup and the method the employees are allowed to use for punching in/out, the following codes may display within the timesheet cells: (For reference see the timesheet view example shown below under the title 'Correcting TimeSheets').

  • Exception policy codes - displayed on the left side of punch in/out cells and also in the Exceptions row. If you hover over an exception code a pop-up box will display the exception name.
  • Punch type codes - displayed near the right side of punch in/out cells (e.g. L=Lunch and B=Break).
  • Information codes - displayed directly after the time of a punch in/out (e.g. method used for punching in/out, G=GEO Location and F=Facial Photo).

Below the timesheet detail the summary data is displayed:

  • Accumulated Time from the currently displayed timesheet which includes daily totals of regular time, lunch/break time, sick time and overtime, if any.
  • Accumulated Time (a small table shown at the bottom left of the timesheet) gathered from the week and pay period associated with the currently displayed timesheet which includes totals of regular time, sick time and overtime, if any.
  • Time spent in different Branches, Departments and Absence time, if applicable.


Correcting TimeSheets

Example of a TimeSheet with Missing Punch Exceptions:



Examples Of How To Correct TimeSheets With Exceptions

Refer to the image above for the corresponding numbered examples. See also Punching In/Out and Exception Policies.


Scenario: An employee is regularly scheduled to work 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. During the week some punch errors have occurred resulting in critical exceptions that require correcting.

Monday shows each Punch In has a corresponding Punch Out, there are no blank cells between the punches and no exceptions are noted. This is an example of how punches should correctly appear on a timesheet, as compared to the following examples that have exceptions.

Tuesday is missing a Punch Out for lunch creating M2/M3 exceptions. To correct this, double click on the empty cell between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM and the Edit Punch screen will appear. Select the Punch type 'Lunch' and enter the Out time, i.e. 1:00 PM, then Save.

The M1/M2 exceptions on Wednesday have two possible corrections:

1. If the employee did not take a lunch break as usual and even though there is a corresponding Punch In and Out for the day there should not be any empty cells between the punch time entries. To correct this, click and drag the 5:00 PM punch to the empty cell under 8:00 AM. The cell you are moving to will highlight in red as you hover over it. This will pair the two punches properly and clear the M1 & M2 exceptions.

2. If the employee actually took a lunch break but forgot to Punch In/Out, then add a Lunch Out time by double clicking on the cell below 8:00 AM and a Lunch In time by double clicking on the cell above 5:00 PM, then Save.

On Thursday the employee forgot to sign out at the end of their shift, creating an M2 exception. To correct this, double click on the cell below 2:00 PM and enter the time the employee actually completed the shift, i.e. 5:00 PM, then Save.

Friday the employee Punched In at 2 PM, however the Punch Type was not selected as Lunch. In this case the Meal policy for lunch will not take effect, so it needs to be corrected. Double click on the 2:00 PM punch In and change the Punch Type to 'Lunch', then Save.