W-2C Forms (USA)

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W-2C forms are used to make corrections to W-2 forms once they have been filed and published. The W-2C form does not replace the W-2, it is in addition to it.

To process W-2C forms:

  • Confirm the W-2's have been Published and match the W-2's that were filed, by viewing the W-2 forms under Payroll, Government Documents in the menu.

  • Make the required changes to the Employee record such as a new address, TimeSheet or Pay Stubs.

  • In the menu, click Report, Tax Reports, Form W2/W3, and then the Form Setup Tab.

  • Change the Form to "W-2C".

  • Make any necessary corrections to the Form Setup fields.

  • Click on the Form drop-down button, on the top right of the inset screen and then click View: Government or View: Employee to see the W-2C form. The form will display both the original data from the W-2 and the new data separately.

  • Once the form is correct, then click on the Form drop-down button to Publish Employee Forms. This publishes a separate W-2C form, so the employees will be able to view both the original W-2, and also the W-2C. TimeTrex will only show W-2C forms for employees where there are differences.

  • Log into the Social Security Administration's website and input the data from the W2-C form.